Sandy Ross, a resident of Tewksbury Township, in New Jersey, is a fine art photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty and mystical essence of local people, animals, plant life and bucolic scenery. After careers in Information Technology and landscape design, Sandy has recently decided to dedicate herself to her passion for the seen world. And the unseen – as she enjoys discovering what she calls “the moments in between”, photographic jargon for un-posed, rather spontaneous and fleeting experiences. “In both natural and augmented light, I think we all react, if sometimes unconsciously, to the various ways light works. I find great pleasure in going about with my camera to explore the endless array of inspiring and lively interplay, and recording my own reactions. And in forging two-dimensional images from the multi-dimensional commotion around us." Her photographic work is often capable of causing the viewer to look more closely, linger a bit and perhaps sigh at observed or interpreted glimpses.

Through Sandy’s lens, we are taken on an often thought-provoking journey through interior and exterior landscapes. “I hope to share some of my appreciation for the inspiring world around us, and to perhaps heighten interest in the care we give to this irreplaceable home we have lucked out to briefly possess.” This sensibility may be why many of her images have a romantic feel and a tinge of nostalgia for the vernacular of country living. As an environmentally concerned “citizen”, Sandy is interested in making images that concentrate on our human stewardship of the earth. She feels evermore compelled to contribute images in support of conservation issues, though she finds that mystery and humor appreciably flavor her viewpoint as she scopes out what makes our surroundings interesting, remarkable, appealing - or just plain beautiful.

She also continues to construct photographs that tell imagined tales, often revealed more clearly by the title of the image. These stories are constructed through her efforts to combine photographs, usually beginning with images of some happenstance as a catalyst, fused to a resulting derived significance. “Throw-away Society”, for example, depicts an elegant woman of means posed in a dumpster amongst an large array of trash, her bare feet making contact with the disarray of what has been discarded, including unnoticed threats from broken debris shards. “Sylla the Sea Robber” depicts a young woman sneaking back into her home through a bathroom window, seemingly conflicted – and wistful – about leaving behind whatever pleasurable experience she just had. “Landscape does not always mean terra firma. It can be terra unfirma, and draw from our complex interior spaces and fantastical places where imagined feelings and experiences are uncovered as we live them.“ 

An undergraduate degree in history and a master’s degree in landscape design and land management as well as a slew of classes and workshops have kept Sandy energized and inspired. Her current interests include creating unique, composited stories like these, as well as equestrian, landscape and portraiture photography. Additionally, arrangements can be made for preserving a personal legacy in book form; the artist's documentation and interpretation of a client's cherished home, or pet, or family, or event.  

For inquiries: sandyrossphoto@gmail.com

Please also visit her landscape design site at: Rosslandscapedesign.com


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