Sandy Ross, a resident of Tewksbury Township, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, is a fine art photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of local people, animals, plant life and bucolic scenery. Sandy is

  • interested in making images that contribute to stewardship of the earth, though she finds that mystery and humor appreciably flavor her viewpoint as she scopes out what makes our surroundings interesting, remarkable, appealing - or just plain beautiful

  • inspired by a developing understanding of human evolution and land use through an undergraduate degree in history and a master’s degree in landscape design and land management

"Landscape does not always mean terra-firma; it can be terra-incognita - or terra-infirma - and draw from our complex interior spaces and fantastical places where imagined feelings and experiences are uncovered as we live them."

Additionally, private portraiture commissions can be scheduled for preserving a personal legacy where the artist documents and interprets a client's cherished

  • property

  • family or pet

  • events

 Family heirlooms can be created in the form of elegant prints, albums and unique artist’s books.


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