I’ve been photographing my surroundings and enjoying the moments in between, photographic jargon for unposed, rather spontaneous and fleeting glimpses into movement, since early adulthood. In both natural and augmented light. I think we all react, if sometimes unconsciously, to the ways light works; I find great pleasure in going about with my camera, finding my own reactions, and forging images from the commotion around us.

As photography has become so significant in our lives, so have the quantity and quality of how we capture images. Like most of us, I never tire of the unique appeal of people - and am still stunned and excited by the complexity of the world. So - I discovered how to explore, learn and express myself by making photographs. 

An undergrad degree in history and a master of science in landscape design and land management, along with a slew of classes and workshops have kept me energized and inspired – to continue learning and growing within this art form.

My current passions include creating unique, composited stories of my own invention - and equestrian, landscape and portraiture photography. And - given the state of affairs in our environment, I feel evermore compelled to contribute images in support of conservation.


Please also visit my landscape design site at: rosslandscapedesign.com


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